The Sports of the World

by AFLALO, F.G. ID No.: 18

Cassell & Co London, 1903, 4to, Illust, 416pp, Rebound in half leather edges sl rubbed,  Much on fishing including chapters on tarpon, sea fishing in Turkey, black bass fishing in America, trout in New Zealand, salmon in Norway, mahseer in India. Pike fishing in Ireland;  Of special interest is chapter devoted to sea fishing in Australia.    Also includes stories including  Red Deer of Hungary; Tennis; Fox Hunting [Albrighton Hounds]; Bandy; Badminton; Shooting Dogs; Fell Head Sports; Bear hunting in Norway; Mountaineering;  Woodcock shooting in Constantinople; Football at the universities; Seal Shooting; Polo; Wrestling; Modern racing; Hunting cheetah; Australian cricket; The bowling green; Rowing at Henley; Archery; Wolf shooting in Russia; Kangaroo Hunting;  Boxing in the British Army and Navy; Otter Hunting; Maori sports; Yachting; Shooting rogue elephant in India; Rook Hawking; Roller skating; Croquet; Long Distance swimming;Japanese fencers and archers; tandem driving; Whippet racing; Lacrosse and baseball; Lawn tennis; Military sports in India. -Good.