Fly Fishing in Australia and New Zealand,

by  McCAUSLAND, M.E.       ID No.: 1088.   

Lothian Publishing Melbourne., 1967 3rd edn.  8vo, Illust, 161pp. Blue cloth cover.  Contains a mass of helpful detail on casting, selection of equipment, fly tying, tactics, fishing locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and  New Zealand, provides  practical assistance together with some enjoyable stories.  Chapters  include Calm Water Fishing, Fishing Happenings, Fly Casting by Roy Kirk, and Fly Fishing in New Zealand by J.M.S Galbraith. Also includes four colour plates of flies by J M Gillies, five pages of maps, and twenty eight pages of photographs of fish and fishing spots in Australia and New Zealand. Cover sl stained. – Fine.