Dark Estuary

by “B.B.” (WATKINS-PITCHFORD, Denys). ID No.: 2804.

Michael Joseph London. 1980 New Edn, 8vo. Illust. 164p. D/J. Illustrated by Denys Watkins-Pitchford.  BB is thankful that he knew the sport of wildfowling at its very best between the wars when the lonely wastes of the Wash were thronged with fowl in winter.   But with better roads and better access many of the great haunts of wildfowls are now patrolled by irresponsible men who will shoot at anything that flies. This book captures some of the magic of the tideways, the shapes and colours of the clouds, the effects of light on the marshes and sea, and patterns of the flighting fowl, D/J has some rubbing and prelims have some browning. -Very Good.