The Fly

by WIGRAM, R.H. ID No.: 3679.

Stevens Publishing Launceston, 2002 1st  ltd Edn. of 250 copies, 8vo, Illust, 63pp, Brown leather cover with photo of Wigram fishing the Macquarie River inset, Illustrated EP’s,  Foreword by Mike Stevens. "This is not a book on fly tying” wrote Wigram "but it is a book on flies and the people who made them”  Includes flies by Major Powlett, Reg Lyne, Lance Wedlick, Dick Wigram, George Peck, Arthur  Keeble, J.M.Gillies, D.H. Hollis, Critcherly Parker, Dr Butler, Bob Peacock, Noel Jetson and Max Christensen. Published after his death this beautifully presented book has become a very valuable addition to the collectors library. -Very Fine.