Fish the Chair if you Dare

by BEACHER, Captain Greg ID No.: 1956

Dawn Publications Miami, 1993, 8vo, Illust, 353pp, D/J, The ultimate guide to giant bluefin tuna fishing. Describes the preparation for fishing, where and how to fish, handle, grading, and selling. Also discusses present and future management , conservation, facts and fancy. Over 250 photos and illustrations.   The author is a commercial skipper who has spent a lifetime observing tuna at sea and fishing for them commercially and for sport. Chapters include; fish the chair, if you dare; F/V Dawn; Giant Bluefin Tuna - facts and fancy; pigs of the sea; fishing electronics; choice of fishing line; tuna knot; Penn International 130; choice of fishing hardware; cockpit harpoon; catching and preparing your own bait supply; preparations for GBT fishing; safety and the fighting chair; do you have eyes; sea birds - your personal spotter planes; trolling for GBT; drift chumming for GBT; drift chumming next to draggers; the battle - the angler's view; boating and handling; the strike; fifty ways to lose a tuna; handline; harpooning; spotter planes; fishing courtesy; chartering a boat - the customer's perspective; the Japanese market; grading of GBT; understanding the buyer; shipping you tuna by consignment; GBT dealer regulations; permits and licences; Green Harbor, Mass.; Cape Cod Bay; killer whales; Canadian bluefin fishery; GBT - author's theories of migration and navigation; bluefin tagging program; ICCAT; US quota listings; growth and size charts; angling category; general category; pruseseine category; longline - the unpleasant realities; 106 Municipal Dump Site; operating expenses; definition of a modern day GBT fisherman; untouched by man, unspoiled by intelligence; photo gallery. Highly recommended. -Fine.