The Big Game Fishing Handbook

by CACUTT, Ron. ID No.: 4229

New Holland London, 1999, 4to, Illust, 160pp. D/J. Foreword by Nick Fisher.   Len Cacutt provides a valuable source of information and knowledge on an area of fishing which is the dream of many anglers. Big-game fishing in the open sea is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who venture far out into the ocean currents in search of marlin, swordfish and the big tunas, there is the thrill of search and capture, the hope of boating a record-breaking specimen, the challenge of man against nature. This book and striking illustrations detail the major big-game fish species, the tackle and equipment needed to catch them, and the design and function of the perfect deep-water boat.  Chapters on the history of big game fishing, species, baits, boat equipment and safety, tackle, techniques, and the big game fishing centres around the world including Australia.