Greys Sporting Journal

by Grays ID No.: 617

Gray's Sporting Journal  Augusta, 95 to 100 Pages. 4to, Soft cover,  This is a magazine dedicated to the pursuit of outdoor recreation, with an emphasis on hunting and fishing. It is a consciously literary publication, using a "blind reader" to select articles, poems, and stories for publication. Each issue features a cover painting by a known American artist. Angling writers include Sparse Grey Hackle, Art Lee, Robert Traver, Lee Wulff, Charles Waterman, Margaret Murphy, Ted Williams, Nick Lyons, Art Flick, Rebecca Crawford, Paul Jorgensen, Dana Lamb and others.  

This set comprises  six issues of this Fine US sporting magazine including Vol 1 Issue 2 Spring 1976, Vol 1 Issue 4 Summer 1976, Vol 2 Issue 2 March 1977, Vol 3 Issue 2 March 1978, Vol 3 Issue 3 April 1978 and Vol 4 Issue 2 March 1979- Very Good to Fine.